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Olive_oil_from_Oneglia.jpg by Lemone
Hosni_Mubarak_ritratto.jpg by Presidenza della Repubblica
Phallus_indusiatus_96871_ed2.jpg by Christian Schwarz
Gerhard_Thieme_Archimedes.jpg photo by SpreeTom
Archimedes_sphere_and_cylinder.svg by Pbroks 13 and André Karwath
Archimedes_water_balance.gif by Tonyle
Archimedes-screw_one-screw-threads_with-ball_3D-view_animated_small.gif by Silberwolf
Archimedes_Heat_Ray_conceptual_diagram.svg by Finnrind and Pbroks13
Archimedes_pi.svg by Leszek Krupinski